Managing Low Mood

Managing Low Mood

If Your Teen Has Lost Interest in These 4 Activities, They Could Be Depressed

by Shannon Ward

As teenagers grow up, it's normal for them to lose interest in some of the activities they used to love. However, loss of interest in multiple activities they used to find fun without replacing them with new hobbies could be a sign of depression, especially if this behaviour is coupled with a generally dejected mood. If your child's lost interest in the activities below and is also showing signs of sadness, irritability or anger, unexplained pains, or social difficulties, consider contacting a counsellor for depression help.

Listening to Music

Those with healthy minds often enjoy listening to a range of music, from sad and slow songs to upbeat and happy songs. However, many depressed teenagers stop listening to music altogether when mental illness sets in. Sad music can bring their mood down to devastating lows, while happy music can seem impossible to relate to. Alternatively, some teenagers may continue to listen to music, but only that which matches how they feel. If your teen never plays any of the upbeat songs they used to love, it could be a sign of classic rebellion, or it could be a symptom of depression. 

Watching Comedy Movies and TV

Many kids and teens love comedy movies and TV shows because they love laughing, but depression can quash that love. If your teen was formerly a fan of laugh-out-loud entertainment but never seems to want to watch it anymore, it could be a sign that something's wrong. Depressed teens can feel detached from humour and struggle to find the things they used to like funny, their low mood making comedies pointless.

Drawing, Writing, and Other Creative Hobbies

Did your teen used to have a creative outlet that they don't want to pursue anymore? Whether they loved art, writing, cooking, dancing, playing an instrument, or something else entirely, a sudden or gradual disinterest in creative pursuits could be because depression is sapping their creativity. Teens in a dark mental place may lack inspiration because they see no positivity in the world. Alternatively, you may see their creativity take a darker turn, or find that they put less effort into their creative hobbies.

Dating and Seeing Friends

Dating can be one of the most exciting new pursuits a teenager encounters, but those with depression may not feel the same romantic or pubescent emotions their peers do. Alongside breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend or declining dates, depressed teens may not want to hang out with friends anymore, or may wrongly believe that friends don't want to hang out with them. What could seem like 'typical' teen behaviour of never leaving the bedroom may in fact be a sign of depressed mood.

Visit a local counselling center for depression help if you feel your teen is at risk.


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Managing Low Mood

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