Managing Low Mood

Managing Low Mood

6 Signs That Your Marriage Is in a Crisis That Requires Counselling

by Shannon Ward

Marriages survive on commitment and dedication. However, misunderstandings may come along the way. Though you can solve most issues with your spouse amicably, some disagreements require the attention of a marriage counsellor. Here are the signs that indicate the need for relationship counselling.

1. When There Is No Intimacy 

Intimacy is an important aspect of a relationship. Over time, it might not be easy to maintain a high level of intimacy. You may also lose intimacy because of an extramarital affair, busy work schedules, or even having children. Loss of intimacy can precipitate a divorce, so you should seek relationship counselling to save your marriage. 

2. When There Is an Extramarital Affair 

Infidelity violates the trust in a relationship, and it causes a lot of hurt for the victim. Nevertheless, an affair does not necessarily have to lead to a divorce. Instead of filing a divorce right away, you can try salvaging your marriage through the guidance of a marriage counsellor.

3. When There Is Poor Communication 

When you have a dysfunctional relationship with your spouse, communication becomes very difficult. In a marriage, communication is a fundamental pillar for survival. Therefore, if you notice a breakdown in the way you interact, consult a counsellor. This professional will teach you how to communicate productively. 

4. When There Are Endless Arguments 

Conflict is normal in a marriage. However, in some cases, the disagreement may get out of hand and cause violence. When you get into conflict with your spouse, you should always reach a middle ground to solve the argument. If a disagreement results in violence or if you cannot seem to resolve it, consult a counsellor. 

5. When There Are Lies and Secrets

Transparency is an important virtual for the two parties in a marriage. If the two of you are always lying to each other and keeping secrets, you need counselling. Trust is easily lost in a relationship, and keeping secrets is a sign that you and your spouse do not trust each other. The counsellor will help you to identify why you lost trust and teach you how to regain it. 

6. When You and Your Partner Are Indifferent 

In a marriage, passion is crucial, and it exhibits itself through intimacy and even arguments. If you and your spouse do not care for each other, you become indifferent and lose your passion. Although conflict is not advocated for, it is a sign that you still love each other. Therefore, if you and your partner become indifferent, it is the right time to seek marriage therapy.

Starting a marriage is easy, but sustaining it requires hard work. You'll need relationship counselling when you fall into any of the situations discussed above. A marriage counsellor will help you and your spouse get over your misunderstandings and build a happy marriage. 


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Managing Low Mood

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