Managing Low Mood

Managing Low Mood

Anxiety Counselling Services: 3 Reasons to Get a Professional Help You Deal with Anxiety

by Shannon Ward

A lot of people get surprised when they learn that they have social anxiety. However, the problem is more common and most people don't seem to understand it. The condition is overlooked because people assume that they are shy or do not have the needed social skills to interact with others. However, when you have social anxiety, it interferes with the way you relate with people, including your friends, colleagues and relatives. A person struggling with anxiety ends up living like a loner for a condition that anxiety counselling services can help treat. The first step in getting the right treatment is getting a professional anxiety counsellor to diagnose it.

Here are three reasons why you should find a professional therapist to help you deal with anxiety.

You Get a Safe Space to Express Yourself

One reason most people do not feel free to let others know something about their emotional health is the fear of being judged. When you talk to non-professionals about a problem like anxiety, some will judge you in a way that leaves you more distressed. Others will want to prescribe an alternate reality for you, assuming it will help you become more confident and outgoing. The two reactions do not reflect your truth, and they force you to bury the problem deeper. 

When you find a therapist experienced in anxiety counselling, you enter a safe space to express all thoughts and feelings. The therapist allows you to be in that moment where you are vulnerable and incapable. They only act as a guide, as you do the work of disentangling yourself from the inability to interact socially.

You Get Guidance in Identifying Triggers

Humans are social by nature. They only start behaving differently as a reaction to a traumatic event. For instance, most people develop social anxiety in their tweens or during their teenage years. When people experience something traumatising, they hide it in the subconscious part of their psyche.

The therapist helps you identify the triggers that make you run off and hide from people. When you become conscious of the triggers, you feel more in control of yourself and the situation that might have caused you social anxiety before.

You Regain Your Confidence

You cannot heal from something when you haven't yet acknowledged the cause. Most people bury their heads in the sand about anxiety and hope that it will go away on its own. However, it's hard for anxiety to go away without professional help. When you seek help from a competent anxiety counsellor, you are stepping into the power of owning and controlling your emotions.

These are the benefits you get when you get a trusted and experienced therapist to help resolve your social anxiety. The journey needs patience, but the results will be worth the effort. Look for an anxiety counselling service in your area. 


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Managing Low Mood

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