Managing Low Mood

Managing Low Mood

  • Anxiety Counselling Services: 3 Reasons to Get a Professional Help You Deal with Anxiety

    A lot of people get surprised when they learn that they have social anxiety. However, the problem is more common and most people don't seem to understand it. The condition is overlooked because people assume that they are shy or do not have the needed social skills to interact with others. However, when you have social anxiety, it interferes with the way you relate with people, including your friends, colleagues and relatives.

  • What Are the Benefits of Time-Limited Counselling?

    While some people go to counselling or therapy for months or even years, you don't always have to make a long-term commitment to get the help you need. Some counsellors and therapists offer time-limited counselling. How does this kind of therapy work and what are its benefits? What Is Time-Limited Counselling? Time-limited counselling lasts for a specific and short-term duration. Typically, you agree on how many sessions you will have with your counsellor at the start of the therapy.

  • Two reasons to go for counselling if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness

    Being diagnosed with a serious illness (i.e. one which will shorten your lifespan, severely affect your mobility or cognition, or cause chronic pain) can be devastating. If you have received this type of diagnosis, it might be worth seeking help from a counsellor. Continue reading to find out why. The counsellor can help you to control the anxiety you experience as a result of the illness A lot of people who are diagnosed with life-altering illnesses consider getting anxiety counselling.

  • If Your Teen Has Lost Interest in These 4 Activities, They Could Be Depressed

    As teenagers grow up, it's normal for them to lose interest in some of the activities they used to love. However, loss of interest in multiple activities they used to find fun without replacing them with new hobbies could be a sign of depression, especially if this behaviour is coupled with a generally dejected mood. If your child's lost interest in the activities below and is also showing signs of sadness, irritability or anger, unexplained pains, or social difficulties, consider contacting a counsellor for depression help.

  • Why Relationship Counselling is Helpful for Work Relationships As Well As Personal Ones

    Relationship counselling has a great success rate when it comes to saving marriages, helping couples get things back on track when something negative has happened in the relationship, or they've begun to simply drift apart. For those who can admit they need it, a bit of outside help and professional advice can go a long way. But marriages aren't the only relationships that can go wrong. People have many different relationships with others in their daily lives, and they can be extremely stressful when things aren't going smoothly.

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Managing Low Mood

Do you feel low? Do you struggle to complete daily activities such as having a shower or eating regular meals? Do you have trouble sleeping? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be experiencing low mood. For many years, I would have long periods of low mood. I didn't do anything about them until my wife suggested that I see a counsellor. The experience really helped me to explore my low mood and in combination with medication, my mood is now much improved. I decided to start this blog so I could offer advice to other people.